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Secrets To Unlocking The Female Metabolism

In this episode Brad explores the female metabolism and what it really needs to unlock so you can get results you deserve at any stage of the Female Lifecycle. Hint... it's not a lack of effort or discipline on your part that is the problem! You've just been giving the wrong blueprint to follow!

The #UltimateComebackChallenge

This is the challenge that gave me a new lease on life after it completely beat me down. If you are feeling defeated by life, but giving up isn't an option please listen to this and join the #UltimateComebackChallenge family. In just under 7 weeks you can turbocharge your metabolism, revitalize your mind, and regain the energy you need to take back your health & your life! Your investment... free financially, but you commit in honor of my late father Mike Davidson that giving up is never an option!


In this episode Brad dives into the metabolism helping you reconnect with it, and better understand what it really needs. One of the biggest mistakes that has been made is teaching you to disconnect from your body and sacrifice to force change. If you're looking for longterm metabolic change you have to reconnect with your metabolism and start listening to what it needs. Brad teaches his favorite way to reconnect with your body and how to start making long lasting changes.