ACCESS THE PROVEN BLUEPRINT TO unlock YOUR METABOLISM, allowing you to live life energized!

(Brad currently only takes on 10 new clients a month and there is currently a waiting list for Private Coaching with Brad. Please fill out the information below to a reserve a spot on the waiting list for next month)



Brad only accepts 10 new clients a month

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If you are like the status quo majority of people and unwilling to do the hard work necessary to care for yourself you should stop reading this now.



Are you like other high achievers hungry for more and always looking for an advantage?


At the highest level of performance in any arena people are willing to work themselves to death and sacrifice whatever it takes to win. Some people unfortunately are willing to give up their relationships to win, others are literally willing to push themselves so hard they risk death from poor health. But, what if effort and sacrifice aren't what really separates the great from the good? What if you don’t have to sacrifice your health, body, and energy to win in your business and in life?  We've heard our whole lives quotes like, " The harder you work, the luckier you get!" Sadly, this mindset only gets you so far, and it’s always accompanied by a tired worn out metabolism.  What separates the great from the good is something totally different. The reality is the top 3%, those who truly reach the ultimate pinnacle of success whether it's in the boardroom, the podium, or the world of protecting others have developed a lifestyle to protect their greatest asset...Their Metabolism!

Work effort and sacrifice are part of the equation, but the ability to manage and get the most out of your metabolism is the ultimate fuel for unstoppable world class success.

Knowing this, why don’t more people focus on managing their metabolism?

It’s simply because it’s HARD! It takes a lot of discipline and commitment to care for yourself and reach this level.  I can promise you energy and focus are your two most needed tools for greatness, and they both originate from your metabolism. Yet, few understand what the metabolism really needs for optimized performance, and even fewer are willing to put in the work.



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    Again, it's not easy.

    There is no way around that, but with your full commitment and discipline combined with Brad’s expertise of the metabolism you can quickly and dramatically transform the way you look, feel, and perform. Brad’s exclusive private remote coaching program is designed to empower you with the metabolism that generates limitless energy and the body that breeds real world strength, stamina, and confidence allowing you to perform at world class! You are literally just one month away from feeling like you are 10-20 years younger. Stop trying to force yourself to keep going and rediscover that inner drive and excitement you once had.


    If you find yourself mustering all your energy just to make the journey from your bed to the coffee pot in the morning to stimulate your energy for the day, it's time for a change. You cannot perform at your best when you are constantly exhausted. Coffee and Redbull are not the answer, it's time to take charge of your energy. In this exclusive program Brad will share his cutting edge proven strategies for high achievers to Reset and Optimize your metabolism.  

      Here's what you can expect to experience working with Brad: 

      • Effortless Weight Loss
      • Rejuvenating Sleep
      • Limitless Energy
      • Brain Clarity and Focus
      • More Mojo
      • Enhanced Creativity
      • Improved Stamina
      • Improved Blood Chemistry
        (Your doctor will love that!)

      No matter how


      Brad can reinvigorate you as long as you are fully committed to the program! Brad's protocols are based off digging deep into your metabolism to discover where the damage lies through an in-depth evaluation, and then applying the most efficient proven protocols to resetting and optimizing your metabolism so you can feel full of life again. You will start with an initial evaluation done from the convenience of your home or office.


      This evaluation includes: 

      • Medical History

      • Subjective Metabolic Pathway Breakdown Assessment

      • Subjective Neurotransmitter Testing

      • Optional Labs to look at Metabolic Pathways, Sex Hormones, Stress Pathways, and Food Sensitivities.* These can be done via Blood, Saliva, and Urine. (We decide best lab action to take during our initial interview).

      • Goal Setting


      • An individualized nutrition plan that progresses as your body progresses

      • Three 30 day individualized supplementation protocols to help Reset and Optimize your Metabolism

      • Relax and Conquer stress management techniques

      • Access to Brad's Optimize-D Fitness app. Proven training protocols based on your needs, goals, stress levels, and current lifestyle. Everyday of the week is laid out for you.

      • Sleep Strategies to enhance your recovery at night

      • Complete Access to Brad as your coach. Accountability and support are provided directly from Brad himself via weekly coaching calls, email, text messages, and phone support.


      PRICE: $2947 for 3 months ($50 Savings) or 3 monthly payments of $999.00

      * Labs are not included in this program they are an additional cost. Clients pay labs directly for any labs we decide to use.

      This is a private program that not everyone can get into it. You must apply for a spot and if chosen the program is a 3 month commitment. 



      (Brad currently only takes on 10 new clients a month and there is currently a waiting list for Private Coaching with Brad.  Please fill out the information below to a reserve a spot on the waiting list for next month)

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