Episode 15: The Mindset Musts to Create Longterm Metabolic Success

"Discipline without a goal is torture!"

                                  -Ronnie Doss

If exercise and watching what you eat feels like torture you will never reach your goals and, truth be told, your goal isn't big enough! So often people are destined to fail in their pursuit of metabolic change before they even begin.  It takes so much more then exercise and nutrition strategy combined with effort to loss weight, put on muscle mass, or improve your physical performance.  At the deepest level your mindset must be dialed in correctly to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.  If you've struggled with success changing how your body looks or feels this episode is for you.  Your lack of results had nothing to do with your strategy or effort and everything to do with your mindset.  In this episode Brad reveals his top mindset strategies that must be in place for guaranteed longterm metabolic success. 


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