Episode 14: Turning Your Metabolism Into a Fat Burning Machine

"Eat Less, Exercise More" "Carbs Make You Fat" "HIT Training is the key to fat loss". The list of simple answers to fat loss goes on and on, yet have you noticed the solution to fat loss is never this simple??  In this episode Brad explores the strategies he has discovered over the years THAT WORK from some of his greatest mentors like Dr. Jade Teta, Robb Wolf, Dr James Lavalle, that can turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine, and unfortunately it's not any of the easy recommendations we have grown accustom to hearing.  


Learn from the masters themselves:

Check out Dr Teta's newest book "Lose Weight Here" that dives deep into the metabolism: 

Buy Robb Wolf's new book "Wired to Eat" 

Here's my favorite book written by Dr. James Lavalle "Cracking the Metabolic Code"


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