Episode 11: Developing the Crossfit Athlete with Connor Martin from CompeteElite.com

Welcome to episode 11 of Relax and Conquer Radio.  in this episode Ruth and I interview Conor Martin from Crossfit Eado out of Houston.  Connor runs www.CompeteElite.com and is a world class strength coach who specializes in developing Crossfit athletes.  I have worked with Connor's athletes since 2013 and one key thing that has jumped out at me over the years is the fact that Connor's athletes rarely if ever reach an overtraining state, and they consistently get stronger and more competitive year after year.  We explore his strategies around training and how he periodizes to make sure his athletes can compete for the next 20 years if they want versus training athletes solely for the upcoming year.  Lot's of gems in this one if you are a Crossfit athlete looking to progress in the world of competitive Crossfit. 


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