Episode 15: The Mindset Musts to Create Longterm Metabolic Success

"Discipline without a goal is torture!"

                                  -Ronnie Doss

If exercise and watching what you eat feels like torture you will never reach your goals and, truth be told, your goal isn't big enough! So often people are destined to fail in their pursuit of metabolic change before they even begin.  It takes so much more then exercise and nutrition strategy combined with effort to loss weight, put on muscle mass, or improve your physical performance.  At the deepest level your mindset must be dialed in correctly to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.  If you've struggled with success changing how your body looks or feels this episode is for you.  Your lack of results had nothing to do with your strategy or effort and everything to do with your mindset.  In this episode Brad reveals his top mindset strategies that must be in place for guaranteed longterm metabolic success. 

Video Blog #4: Building Great Young Athletes Part 1

In this video Brad Davidson discusses the foundational needs of a young athlete. These needs must be met before an athlete can ever become great. Without the foundation in place young athletes will never reach their full potential. They will end up injured or burned out long before reaching their potential.

Episode 14: Turning Your Metabolism Into a Fat Burning Machine

"Eat Less, Exercise More" "Carbs Make You Fat" "HIT Training is the key to fat loss". The list of simple answers to fat loss goes on and on, yet have you noticed the solution to fat loss is never this simple??  In this Episode Brad explores the strategies he has discovered over the years that can turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine, and unfortunately it's not any of the easy recommendations we have grown accustom to hearing.  

Episode 13: The Mental Side of Peak Performance With Ryan Dambach

Welcome to episode 13 of Relax and Conquer Radio.  In this episode Brad interviews one of his secret weapons to maintaining high performance, his personal mindset coach and close friend Ryan Dambach.  Ryan is a speaker, coach, and team development expert focused on Mindset.  He works with sports team, business organizations, and highly driven individuals to help find the mental edge and reach their full potential.

Episode 10: Brad and Ruth Share What's New in Their Worlds

In this episode Brad and Ruth share the new things they are exploring in their worlds.  Ruth discusses what's new in her journey as an athlete as she prepares for her next weightlifting event, and what's new at her Box.  Brad discusses his new endeavors around building up the internal world and his adventures of looking himself in the mirror and dealing with his mental/ emotional roadblocks.  He also discusses his new full immersion retreat he is training called BOLD with the company DRIVEN FOR LIFE.

Bradley Davidson
Episode 9 Relax and Conquer Radio: Strategies for HARDGAINERS

Brad and Ruth explore proven strategies for HARDGAINERS.  Brad has been a hardgainer his whole life.  At 32 he discovered some hacks that allowed him to put on 52 lbs of lean mass legally in 10 months. He shares all his strategies and hacks he has discovered over the last 10 years on putting size on if that's your goal.  

Bradley Davidson